Who Is The GTA 5 Bikini Selfie Girl In Real Life?


Who Is The GTA 5 Bikini Selfie Girl In Real Life?
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We’ve all seen her on the loading screens of GTA 5…but who is the red bikini, selfie girl in real life? Let’s find out!


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  1. Man whenever I open gta 5 I make sure my parents arnt near cause if they see that girl on my tv screen I’m done for XD

  2. Lies… that girl is based on Sera Gen in "REAL LIFE", & I don't mean computer generated 'human' life, I mean the REAL REALITY… Other acceptable answers include, but are not restricted to: Subtle lotus, Lotus, Jen, Bunnyfur, Honey Bunny, Joy, Sarah Connor, Alice, & the Captain's dead wife!

  3. Basically bitchass rockstsr choose new cheap actors for their games. Cheap bastards payed a dollar to the person who portrayed Niko

  4. I don’t understand why everbody is comparing Fergie with this girl when there is another girl who looks so much more like fergie ! The girl who blows a kiss in the loading screen ! Totally like Fergie. Why am I the only one who thinks that ????


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