*UPDATED* GTA ONLINE // NO TOP GLITCH (female) // AFTER 1.50 *easy*


1st outfit:
Put on the forest combat team pants
Then put on Black scruffy Boots
Tropical Print Running sport shorts
Leapord Leather Fur Jacket
White Business Shirt
Blue Skinny Tie

2nd outfit:

Only change the shirt to the Burgundy Garland Shortlseeve Party Shirt


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In this video i show you guys how to get a topless female character in GTA online after patch 1.50. This glitch is easy to do and has little requirements.

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  1. So i have on the first caracther slot a guy with many saved outfits that i dont want to lose, in the second carather slot I have 1 outfit that i dont want to use, do i love any of my outfits?

  2. Omfg thank you so much!! It actually work!
    Tip:if anyone want to take off the bow tie you just need to go to the interaction menu then accessories and put on a hat and the bow will take off!!

  3. Monday, May 4, 2020 still works
    Edit: (I was about to do the casino heist) All my progress is to in my arcade. 😭Worth it though

  4. The glitch does work I just got the tiny bit of the bra in the middle but it still works nonetheless.

  5. Worked for me!! May 1st 2020. It did delete all my previous saved outfits tho but I love this outfit so much more! Thank you

  6. When I delete the male character and go back Into my female character, outfits 1 and 2 aren’t there anymore, I tried this 3x already


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