Tech Solutions | How To Fix iTunes Install Error (Your system has not been modified.)


I provide two possible solutions for you on how to fix the iTunes Install error “system has not been modified*.


1. Select the Start button, then select Control Panel – Appearance and Personalization.
2. Select Folder Options, then select the View tab.
3. Under Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then select OK.

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  1. internet's lagging so much right now .frustrated. i lost the app to unhide. ugg i hate ipods apple!!! now what do I d. i rebooted. why do upgrades and windows interfere with stuff.. why are itunes and apple connected anyway!!?

  2. Hey Nick. The challenge that I have is that mine is not showing IXP 102. TMP in my "Temp Folder. My system is running Windows 10 64Bit Any advise would be appreciated.

  3. whenever i try to use the installer using administrator or not, it says “This installation cannot directly upgrade the version of iPod software found in this computer. Please uninstall the iPod software and try again.”

  4. You should make a video showing how to remove the guest account that has a forgotten password and is running administrator

  5. Im up to around 3 min 20 sec in the video but I cannot locate the IXP102.temp folder, can anyone help me out? Im running windows 7 thanks

  6. For me both ways are not working,on 2nd way when i run itunes64 its still saying that my system has not been modified damn :/

  7. Wow. Been searching for hours how to resolve this and it actually worked. I wish I could pay you or something man you are a genius. But I can’t install Apple software update now. I get the same windows can not install message like before

  8. Thank you Nick! Most appreciative of this piece! Been looking for the past couple of days of how to install the 12.10 version of iTunes. It's all fixed now! Great job!


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