Super Kennen Skin Spotlight – League of Legends


League of Legends Super Kennen Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Kennen on their Super Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Change the abilities and passive color to cyan.
    Change the passive animation from blue rotating balls of lightning to zaps (just like his basic attack with a circle circumscribing those zaps).
    Change the E animation and follow the animation from the skin's splash art.
    Add recall animation and change the rest of taunts.
    My God Rito!, redo this skin. It has more potential than the Bloodmoon.

  2. im main kennen, and when i saw the model of this skin i was like OMG GG FAV SKIN but… then
    … no recall and nothing, its like 1/4 of a 1350 skin

  3. I like the skin but it feels like they just stopped working on it half way through. There was so much potential and they just didn't take advantage of it.

  4. Oh come on, with all the hype behind the Flash between the new comics, TV Show, and Justice League and Flash standalone movie they choose a Quicksilver skin? He's even inferior to the Flash! Plus yellow lightning would be much more appealing than the usual light shade of blue. Wasted potential Riot.

  5. I think that if riot used something like the visual effects for the storm/electricity form from the elementalist lux skin on kennen's abilities as a visual update, it would be soooooo awesome 😍😍 also, I LOVE this skin, Gj rito 😇😂


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