So I tried Faker's New Runes with Talon In Silver Elo, This is what happened…


So I tried Faker’s New Runes with Talon In Silver Elo, This is what happened…

Yo guys, Aatrixx here with another episode to my “Bronze 2 diamond” series, now I do apologies but this is an old video so it’s from the last patch with also my stupid smoke alarm going off but that’s the last video of it I promise, but yeah I tried these Faker runes 2 weeks ago and it’s pretty nice if I wanna focus more on turret plates along with some tanky stats with the conditioning rune.

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  1. Yo guys, Aatrixx here and wanted to quickly mention that this video was last patch but I didn't have the time to upload which is why I am quickly uploading 4-5 episodes within the next 2-3 days as double uploads, this is also due to the fact I have a montage coming out next week along with cool innovative videos in the work. Furthermore, Fizz guide should be made around Monday next week so stay tuned. Much love and let me know what you think about Faker's demolish set up for turret plates? Is it good, or is it overrated, hit me up in the comments. follow me on twitter –

  2. to be honest i don't mind the extra plates but talon is all about the early game
    lvl 2 spike,lvl6,duskblade
    so when you deny yourself elec you get bad early andbad late because you areforced to teamfight


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