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This SCP Foundation wiki reading is about SCP 2480 “An Unfinished Ritual”, which appears to be centered around Bodfel Manor, home of the late Cornelius P. Bodfel III (b. 1866 – d. 1952) – millionaire industrialist with an acute interest in the occult. Prior to his death, Bodfel was the leader of a secret society known as Adytum’s Wake. Dismissed by the Foundation in 1932 as simply being a “decadent upper-class social club”, their anomalous capabilities were not recognized until the November 28, 1952 incident.

SCP-2480 “An Unfinished Ritual” Written by Metaphysician

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  1. pools closed due to stingrays contaminated with aids, for your safety please return home. there is nothing to see here.

  2. you high key mispronounce achra
    it's done with a throat sound since it is hebrew i.e. sitra achra the other side of the sephirot aka the qliphoth

  3. The DMT is only thing that kinda spoiled it but I'll take it with a grain of salt, that type of exploration and interaction kinda not possible with DMT also yes I have had DMT experiences lasting long most are about 20min I've taken DMT and was over and dam close to an hour, be it 10min was trying to differentiate, reality and what world or dimension I was taken to, im Sry but I have to say being that I've done it to much along with acid and shrooms I also did way to much of, DMT is different it seems as though you may be unable to function as you would like, although I got better as I went and took it more often, like lucid dreaming, I do believe you are seeing what others can't, as if you are activating or on a higher plain of human perseption. Hard to explain. But I love the long reads and the connections made with the lore, but DMT is a safe drug if taken correctly, I just have to say I don't condone it, but it's worth the money to buy the test kits to make sure any hallucinogenics you take are real and clean, I advise atleast 2 tests different companies if your gonna do it, even if you know the guy you get it from, always have a "sitter" one who is not partaking of the substance, incase a bad one comes on someone's there to string shit back in, I just thought with this video everyone talking about using it in the comments I'd be just a disclaimer, enjoy but enjoy responsibly 😁

  4. 1:35 “Agents from the gullible occult coalition”
    I love how that misspeak sounds exactly what some prideful SCP employee would call them

  5. 26:28. Uhh that’s not Aramaic it’s masoretic Hebrew… You can see the Hebraic letters Samek Teit Resh Aleph – Alef Cheit Resh Alef (S T R A – A CH R A)

  6. Of course the SCP is neutralised/dormant; it's essentially both the result of a ritual's sabotage and a safehouse that was slaughtered. There's nothing that it could really do now, though it would be nice if the Foundation devised a way to detect these doorways without using a very specific and circumstantial drug.

  7. my hypothesis; a family performed a silly ritual on a freshly dead elderly member of a community for the benefit of one of their grandkids to help secure a large estate and transfer custody to distant relatives. 200+ plus years of uncomfortable glances and feeble excuses later you have an SCP.

  8. I make props for fun. If you would like I can make a prop send you the photo and you can use it on your scp readings. Or you the screenshot off of any of my videos. You have my permission.

  9. The more I learn of the Sarkic Cult and their ways, the more I tend to side with the Church of the Broken God.

  10. Moving from the last sirkic cult and watching vid from both the cult and the church of the broken god I get the feeling the foundation is stuck between a bloody war and one of the few cases of the church helping the foundation is at the anvil fighting againt the flesh (?) Im assumeing the flesh is sirkic I wound like to see how this plays out

  11. Im speculating that the sarkic cult and flesh that hate have something to do with one another


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