Possible that some essential service workers in Singapore could be infected with COVID-19: Expert


Singapore is midway through its COVID-19 circuit breaker, but experts said cases in the community have not dropped to satisfactory levels. Dr Leong Hoe Nam, an infectious disease specialist and Professor Teo Yik Ying, dean of the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, share their thoughts on the circuit breaker measures and COVID-19 situation in Singapore.

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  1. Have the government give a thought of rewarding these essential workers who are sacrificing their health to keep the country running with a one time bonuses. Those in the cleaning industry are the lowest paid workers and yet they are the one most needed in this pandemic crisis and were overlooked on their sacrifices.

  2. wait wait wait wait wait. at 2:48, "I work with covid patients, and I have not been infected, the mask actually work (in preventing me from contracting the disease)".

    Are you telling me what the government said at the beginning that the mask is to prevent spread not for protection was fake ? Even when they were enforcing all to wear mask recently by PM Lee, he re-emphasized that the mask is prevent spread due to asymptomatic patients (no mention that it protects you from others)

  3. I see even MORE people jogging now ! 100% totally maskless…..They feel as though they are a real special breed of people. 100% healhy breed…totally MUST BE exempted from wearing any mask at all ! ( totally selfish !! )……If you must jog, why can't you jog at home using a treadmill. There are countless ways to exercise indoors really effectively too. But NO ! You simply need to show off to other people that are wearing mask that you have more GUTS than them ! Government should make a new rule : Those who get caught not wearing mask ( PROPERLY ) in public, if they really do get infected by the virus and need to use a ventilator, then top priority should definitely not be them ! It should instead be to those who have really been constantly wearing their masks ( PROPERLY ) at all time whenever they are in public places ! These are the REAL singapore heroes !

  4. Can don interview this Leong or not? He is the one that keep promoting dont wear masks actively and say masks are of no use in the beginning. Now roti prata 180 degree say masks important blar blar blar. I dont believe any single word he say.

  5. Virus is mutating. That's why we can't tell who what when what where . Possible . We wait for medication and vaccine.till then take all precautions rest is fate

  6. Malaysia has not test foreign workers for coved-19, if Malaysia were to test all foreign workers, the cases will be more than now.

  7. Get enforcement to be in the public transport, fine them ….Clowns are out there, couple sitting together in the buses… these clowns are the potential covid spreader…

  8. People are running to bubble tea stores, it is apparent these people rather risks their lives for a bottle of bubble tea than to contract covid. It is seriously laughable behavior

  9. Gov give money , ppl stay home. Only when Both play their roles, good results will come. Stop going out, Jurong point Long Long queue.

  10. I guess Singapore is too late, if they do lockdown or community Quarantine earlier just like in Malaysia and Philippines the result wont be this far, but for now this is the price they have to take.

  11. FYI, scientifically the hand-held infrared thermometer will work more accurately on dark-colored objects, including dark-colored human skin. This is because light-colored objects or light-colored human skin will emit far less infrared radiations, resulting in lower temperature readings. Another factor is the amount of sweat a person has on his/her face at the time of the measurement; the more sweat a person has on his/her face, the lower the temperature readings will be. As such, it is worth noting that light-colored and sweaty human skin will give results that are, by far (about 10%-20%), less accurate! It is therefore NOT recommended to rely only on infrared thermometer when trying to screen for high-risk individuals in closed and small public spaces. Social Distancing and Stay-At-Home still remain the most effective methods in preventing the spreading of the COVID-19 infection.

    Read more on https://sciencing.com/laser-thermometers-work-4962575.html

  12. Question: Is circuit breaker system really works
    1. why till now we still guess if infected belong to essential lot (there should be system being implemented before this event kck off)
    2. If this circuit really works or backfire…Mean more gathering were taking place without detection
    3. Why allow outdoor exercise since govt intention want to put a STOP… (jogging allow not to wear mask)
    4. Reduce Transport Frequency

    Since so much $$ had pumped into circuit…Why not enforce a TOTAL CIRCUIT BREAKER …Near zero contact or face very heavy consequence…With good planning..I believe there ppl out already had a better solution as compare to now

  13. Did dormitory workers keep their own hygiene wash their utensils deeply after they are used or share ?Showers day n night wash their clothes did they to keep hygiene purpose ? It better to use wooden chopsticks use and throw . If worker is on isolation please clean your own room every day

  14. If only more people panic buyed earlier it might have lessen infected cases. But no dont panic buy cuz we have lots of stockpile while everyone now in queque risking their health for food that they could have prepared for.

  15. Can’t they just make tests mandatory for everyone? Tbh that’s easier than having such a lockdown. Like the tests can be down in Community Centres in groups so we know who have and who does not have the virus. Since masks are made mandatory, we can still make it mandatory as people go to do their tests 🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. I am hopeful that local community spread will come down to 10 or 12 over the next 3 days. Just be a little more patient

  17. Construction is not essential service. Who is the wise guy who say construction is essential service during a lock down, we don’t need to built anything for the purpose of a lock down, and the government did not check all the operator of essential service. And you still did not mentioned the unlink people, those who came here during Malaysia and have no fix address, don’t blame the public please, the way you explain is senseless just pointing the public.

  18. May I then suggest that more test be done for workers in essential services including counter staff, deliver guys, even GPs etc. Meanwhile, the current measures stay. No need for complete lock down.

  19. Pls move all the foreigners workers to a deserted island along with those infected with the ccp virus. ALL quarantine them in an island for 3mths to ensure they are 1000% well before setting them back to the society.

  20. Pls do not keep lock down for too long. Many people cannot take it! Only those lazy people whom love to stick at home before the virus are not affected. It will also affected lots of business and decrease the competency of workers whom already prefer to work at home thus more relaxing that back to the norm. For workers whom work at home yet get paid. Its a bonus for them, not for those who doesn't get paid.

  21. You expect free from virus even lock down 3mths? ITS NOT POSSIBLE. It takes at least 1-2years from now to gradually reduce… Do take into consideration that virus might comes from also items you received from overseas (ie: china), Or any objects that are infected on the surface.

  22. 2:40. Lol please. I haven't gone out for almost 2 months and I've been surviving on contactless food delivery. Yet somehow I still got a fever a few days ago out of nowhere. Now what if it was covid? Can u really say it's my own fault? I disinfect all packaging as much as possible. What next? The food itself? Spray dettol on my food? Obviously I'm not gonna blame anyone if I really end up kena covid and if anything, I'm already isolating myself so noone's gonna get affected by me anyway. But I just can't help but get pissed off by that rude statement. Sometimes it's really just bad luck…
    Way before the social distancing measures + lockdown there were so many irresponsible uncle on public transport sneezing and coughing all over the place with no fucks given. Even if someone were to wear a mask at that time, if the droplets touch his eyes won't he still kena?

  23. This is a Global Pandemic.. eveyone should play a part in their defense against the virus.. Don't flout the regulations that are already in place. Be Safe, not sorry

  24. That's the problem with why the world today is facing such trials…ppl tend to judge the book by its cover and listen to ppl with sweet talks…look at those who are bringing catastrophe and calamity befalling on this World…the ppl who leads are these types…even in job interviews and management lvls, the companies tend to pick such IDIOTS rather than those who has real hidden talents, sometimes such ppl has amazing abilities but lack on the appearance and sweet talk tongue IQ..look at the Democrats in American Congress.
    Before the pandemic I already knew wat China CCP is capable of…i even warn my colleagues at work but most are die hard blind China patriots who can't tell the difference btw loving country and supporting a brutal cruel regime…the PROUD, ARROGANT and the GREEDY will not inherit the Earth nor the Kingdom of God (figuratively…)!
    Very often…the really smart ones are labelled as stupid…..take Albert Einstein for example, some geniuses are school dropouts…DUN FORGET THAT.

  25. Everyone needs to sanitize their hands before entering the supermarket. Other countries already practicing. All the germ hands that have touched the shopping baskets and the things you bring home and put in your fridge.


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