Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Trailer 1 (OFFICIAL)


The Fighting Avenger returns to action in Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” April 4, and now you can get your first look at Cap, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Black Widow and more from the film with the new trailer!

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  1. This movie reminds me of 2 things

    Call of duty ghosts Like it finally had it sequel
    And the has fallen Movies like SHIELD HAS FALLEN

  2. It shouldn't have include falcon in This trailer…
    We might've get a very great shock in the theatre if it didn't

  3. It's 2020 and Infinity War and Endgame are out, and I can still say that this is my favorite marvel movie.

  4. 🔥🔥🔥
    I do like this movie, but it is near the bottom of my list.
    0:31 💞💘
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💯

  5. I wish they had called this film Captain America: Cold War
    Ties in thematically into the spy thriller espionage angle and obviously the Winter Soldier

  6. Did anyone else catch the similarities between Shield and the U.S. military? That one scene where captain america explains that everyone is under surveillance and we are more more protected this way. This is truly a 21st century version of Full Metal Jacket.

  7. I would love to love this movie but no matter what I do I hate it like I don’t like captain America Bucky was being manipulated and I can’t even look at nat because of her hair but you know the acting was great there was good action and dialogue it really focused on nat it’s just not my style (thanks for letting me write here I’ve had writers block for awhile)

  8. Who watching this trailer 2020 anyone, I can't wait to see Falcon and the Winter Soldier in channel streaming

  9. My Top 5 Infinity Saga Films
    1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    2. Civil War
    3. Spider-Man: Homecoming
    4. Thor: Ragnarok
    5. Far From Home


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