[#JAEMIN Face Focus] NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 'Ridin'' (Rollin’ Ver.) @NCT DREAM THE STAGE


Watch the Full show here ➫
Watch ‘Ridin’ & Rollin” Ver. here ➫
Watch ‘Ridin” Ver. here ➫
Watch ‘Rollin” Ver. here ➫

NCT DREAM’s new album “Reload” is out!
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🎬’Ridin” MV ➫

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  1. Idc what color is nana's hair bc he looks so damn sexy in any colours. Loves him so much. Oh heart, please stop beating!! 😭😭 (My hearts is beating too fast !!)

  2. why am i so obsessed with him? i cant breath for 3 minutes.


  3. Why does it feel like he danced on the spot for a whole 3 minute 23 seconds tho, like he probably didn't but just imagine all the members lining up each with a camera filming their face and just dancing on the spot

  4. Pls like it to make others to see this
    If you are a MelOn str34mer please STR34M RIDIN ONLY AT THE END of the hour especially on 11 PM KST until the Hourly Chart Freezes for more info please check @leletsgeddit on twt DM her. She is willing to help

  5. Jaemin: Sing in Blue Hair

    NCTzen’s: Literally Can’t survive because he to handsome

    Me: Seing him face around 24 hours never stop


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