How to install the AltStore and NEVER get Revoked again!


🚨 I’ve made an updated AltStore tutorial, I highly recommend you check that video out instead of this one, thank you :

❗️❗️ Mail Plug-in ❗️❗️ The AltServer now has a new step not shown in the video and it requires you to install a mail plug in. This is necessary for the AltStore to install on your iOS device and is very simple to install. All you need to do is follow the steps below 👇
1. Click install Mail Plug-in in the AltServer.
2. Open your mail application.
3. Open preferences at the top left corner of the toolbar.
4. Click manage plug-in at the bottom of the preferences window.
5. Click the checkbox on AltPlugin and then click save and restart.

🚨 WINDOWS UPDATE: There is currently a working windows beta update, learn how to use it with this written guide:

The AltStore is a new App Store that allows you to install your favorite emulators and apps like Delta, PPSSPP iNDS and more without ever having to worry about revokes! The AltStore is completely free but it does require a Windows or Mac computer. Leave a Like if this video helped you 👍🏼

❗️If you encounter any issues check out the FAQ below ❗️

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  1. im on windows and it says that i have to download the latest version of itunes and i-cloud from the apple store which i already did

  2. Bruh I litteraly installed it from the apple and it told me to uninstall the windows and install form the apple sitr

  3. I followed ur all steps bt there is failed to verify code signature of private /var/installed/library 😔

  4. I tried to click on setup.exe but it says “an error occurred attempting to install altserver “and idk what to do

  5. Hi there I’m having problem while I’m installing after I’m installing altstore the delta was not installing how can I fix it.? I’m using windows 10.thanks

  6. Invalid anisette data. Please download the latest version of iTunes and iCloud directly from Apple and not from Microsoft. I have downloaded from Apple but still I am getting this error. Anyone knows to fix it?

  7. mine says "invalid anisette data, please install the latest version of itunesand icloud directly from apple" i have both of them installed and running while i do it 🙁 someone help

  8. it doesnt tell me fo specific password and install it then give me the error to log in and when its installed

  9. thank you for the video, just a question about when I downloaded the Pokemon GO app through altstore, the app also has expiry date in 7 days, how I'm able to refresh the app when it expires, I appreciate your help.

  10. Downloaded it from the official site but there stands i Downloaden it from Microsoft store and I can’t connect the alt store

  11. I did download my itunes from apple directly but when I try to install altstore it says download from apple not microsoft

  12. when i try to download it tells me theres invalid anisette data but i already downloaded itunes by apples site and not microsoft store

  13. I dont know if this will be any use to anyone but if you cant sign into altstore on your iPhone turn off your phone wife then your firewall and tenable wife and that should fix the problem

  14. It’s not working. When I push “install” button it says:«Installation failed», «not a number». I’ve downloaded all apple services, but it’s no use

  15. Hey I had uncover and I jailbroke my phone and then one time I restarted my phone and my jailbreak got removed but my Cydia was still there as well as ReProvision, so I tried to get AltStore to download uncover so that I can unjailbreak it using the uncover app but when I hit more to open in alt store, only reprovision pops up I don’t see altstore. Could you please help me out? I just want to remove my uncover jailbreak

  16. "I recommend using this if you need Free Spotify Premium : itsso epic that it exists in 2020….


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