How to fix iTunes in Windows 7 ? Problem Fixed 100% Working…


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How to fix iTunes in Windows 7 ? and it’s same for Windows 8 & Windows 10…

Follow this tips to fix iTunes in windows7 64 Bit : –

1.) Click on “Start menu” and Search for “Control panel” then click
on “Programs ➤ Uninstall a program” and then search for
“Apple” and “Uninstall” all apple applications.

2.) Go to your default “Browser” and go to

and download the latest version “iTunes” for windows7 64 Bit.

3.) Wait…Before starting the installation process…Click on “Start
menu” and search for “Windows Update” then click on it, and if
there any update is pending then update it then “Reboot” your

4.) Click on “Start menu” and search for “System Configuration”
then click on it, go to “General ➤ Selective startup” and unmark
“Load startup items” then go to “Services” and mark on “Hide
all Microsoft services” then click on “Disable all”
and click on “Apply ➤ Ok” then windows is asking for “Reboot”
then do a reboot.

5.) So now, we are ready for installations process and install
“iTunes” and complete the installation process.
After the installation process complete, don’t launch the

6.) Right click on “iTunes” then click on “Properties” and go to
“compatibility” then mark on “Run this program in compatibility
mode for” and then select “Windows 7” and then mark on
“Run this program as an administrator” and also “Change this
settings for all users” then “Apply ➤ Ok”

7.) Now, we are ready to launch “iTunes”

So here, iTunes is fixed in Windows7 64 Bit.
Fixed all errors, issues and iTunes is not opening.

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  1. Thanks bro, im a Computer sceince graduate and i was face clasd ki bisti from my brother but u helped me 😂❤️

  2. Hi, I Have a problem in ITunes in my laptop (windows 7- 32 bit)

    Problem is : ITunes is In my laptop ok but not open in desktop) no pictures in desktop

  3. I can hear itunes and move it around but the only thing can see is the search box the rest just looks like my desktop. I found a solution for mac but not windows.


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