How ‘Extraction’ Leaps Into Action | Anatomy of a Scene


When a Hollywood stunt coordinator sets out to direct his first feature, he knows that the stunts had better be great. Sam Hargrave aimed to make it so by bringing the camera along for the wild ride in his Netflix thriller “Extraction,” starring Chris Hemsworth as a mercenary tasked with rescuing the kidnapped son of a crime lord.

This scene has Hemsworth, as Tyler Rake, trying to protect the boy, Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), from one of the movie’s many baddies, Saju (Randeep Hooda). It ain’t easy. The characters hop across rooftops, weave through narrow apartment hallways and conduct a knife fight in street traffic. The sequence, with some clever stitches, is meant to play out as one continuous shot, “1917”-style.

In his narration, Hargrave discusses not just directing, but also serving as the camera operator for these kinetic bits. He was attached to a wire as he leapt across buildings with his stunt doubles, then jumped from a balcony with them as well, all while trying not to miss the shot.

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  1. The movie don't represent my country goodly ,it's not possible in Bangladesh. Kids don't carry gun in our country.

  2. weapons manipulation here is superb….and crowd control seems natural….real action packed… it!

  3. It makes some wrong idea about Bangladesh, (streets design, CNG, child with gun, Army and police supporting a Gangster).

  4. This guy might look good on framing but terrible on general knowledge.
    Bangladesh is nothing like that, not even close..
    next time before making a movie, do some homework on your locations.

  5. Credit to the director for making a proper muscular action film without giving the Hemsworth character a chinese/african-american transgender comedy sidekick with identity issues. And that Da Vinci grade is sensational.

  6. I can't believe that the director was also the one who shot the continuous scene! He really deserves to be mentioned in cinematic communities!

  7. Two guys are fighting in a street and a civilian is passing through them. How realistic the scene is! nowhere in the world, a guy will do so.

  8. Its a amazing action movie. Bt really Bangladesh India r good friend like as Thor n Thanos.😂😂
    Lot of love to Indian brothers from Bangladesh.🇧🇩🇮🇳😙😙

  9. I am shocked to see Netflix standard has gone down so much. This film was never shot in Bangladesh. The language is Indian Bangla……. there is a huge difference between Indian and Bangladeshi culture which the film director or the team failed completely to understand. I tell you friends, this is not the Bangladesh that is shown here. I just don't understand, if the movie is to be shot in India using all Indian crew why not the plot as well? Is it because Indian govt wouldn't approve? I feel pity for the new "stuntman to dirctor" and for those viewers who still think the movie rocks. For them, "Come and visit Dhaka……….. I'll be happy to show you the difference".

  10. Randeep Hooda was excellent along with Chris Hemsworth in this movie…man did these two put in some solid work to bring this chaotic action to life.💪

  11. Guys I saw this movie .actually I like those action sequence .. but It’s shame they showing my country’s environment so badly… it’s not even true … I’m talking about Bangladesh… why they didn’t Showing India environment… shame on you !!!

  12. 2:36 That scene, the geography is wrong, it couldn't hit him, but when you watch the movie you don't even noticed
    It's a great film, I recommend it
    I also recommend watching Man of fire, The Raid 1 and 2, John Wick 1-3 and Mission Impossible 3, for references to the action scenes

  13. Can you ask the director on who lied to Holywood movie directors that third world countries have a yellow-ish color ??


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