Farm Town Hall 8 to be a Better Clash of Clans player


Farm Town Hall 8 to be a Better Clash of Clans player
Today we are back in Clash of Clans at Town Hall 8 with some fun hogrider farming strats. Maybe not the best to grab that dark but amazing for the rest. Come back every day all day for more Clash of Clans videos.

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  1. I liked the base so did a screenshot and started building it. Found a couple of spawn spots, left of TH under the traps and right of TH between the storages and army camp.

  2. Hi ECHO!
    I have 2 th8 accounts. I always use 8 dragons and 8 loons for farming/trophy pushing.
    It can get any th8 base.💜💙

  3. 5 builders at th 8 is awesome! Also I do that as well. I don't burn a poison spell so my heal doesn't fit in the next troop set so you go in with 2 poisons lol

  4. could you please tell me how did you get 5 builders as a free player? i just upgraded to TH8 2 days ago (100% F2P) and had 4 builders since TH7. i would really appreciate the help

  5. Lol, love your commentary, it's awesome, also please do a collab with Eric, he's amazing and his channel is kinda underrated, so you helping him out would be amazing, lots of love from Pakistan.

  6. The coc cummunity is so inconsistent on watching coc YouTuber vids, I wish your channel got consistent 100k views EVERY vid

  7. Please keep uploading! I love how you keep and stick you free to play, one of the only youtubers that actually continue it!

  8. Hey everyone so I have a th9 war base that is for th9 starters and I wanna share ir with ya'll

  9. and also while I was a th8 here is a tip when you are using troops use loonion 30 ballons 25 minions I think if not tell me

  10. no offence but you are such a good clash player but your ftp is soo low it is kinda humiliating but not as humiliating then galdon ftp account my ftp account is th10 soo ya no offense at all echo love you bro you have to get your ftp account has to grow faster

  11. that was my favorite attack when i was th8
    it was really effective and i enjoyed watching you using this strategie
    keep this awesome work bro


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