Evolution of the 'Captain America' Suit Mod in Spider-Man Games (2002-2014)


► An Avenger and an icon to people everywhere, Captain America is the definition of a true hero.

About: During World War II, Steve Rogers volunteered to receive the experimental Super-Soldier Serum. Enhanced to the pinnacle of human physical potential and armed with an unbreakable shield, he became Captain America.

0:14 Spider-Man
1:20 Spider-Man 2
2:11 Ultimate Spider-Man
3:29 Spider-Man 3
4:25 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
5:40 The Amazing Spider-Man
6:30 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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  1. 0:14 spider man
    1:20 spider man 2
    2:11 ultimate spider man
    3:29 spider man 3
    4:25 spider man web of shadows
    5:40 the amazing spider man
    6:30 the amazing spider man 2

  2. Shoulda used that part from TASM 1 or 2 game (I can’t remember which one) where a medical patient calls Spidey, Captain America

  3. My opinion on each mod:

    Spider-Man- Very good design
    Spider-Man 2- Basically the first one
    Ultimate- It just looks like something put over the top half of the original costume. Not really a good mod.
    Spider-Man 3- Same as first 2 games
    Web of Shadows- Ewww he be lookin' bony af (lol jk)
    Amazing- Best one
    Amazing 2- It's as good as the first one


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