Clash of Clans Town hall 8 Farming Base (After Halloween Update 2014) | 4 Mortars


Clash of Clans Best TH8 Farming 2014 Base 4 Mortars / After Halloween Update Clash of Clans Best Townhall 8 Farming Base 2014 with Four Mortars / TH 8 Farming Base 4 Mortars
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Artist: Kevin MacLeod
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  1. I really like this base layout..can you make a new update for th8 cause we got one more DE drill..please make it with the two drill inside since DE is a very rare resource or can you just give me some idea which i need to put my drill. I am really appreciate your answer.

  2. Nice base. I've been looking for a decent base after we got the 4th mortar. Not a big fan of the walls that just end abruptly near the bottom (can't help my OCD), so I may modify this a little. 

  3. Gan why you so good I've been watching you for ages and I feel like I need to congratulate you. I adore your videos and I love the way you balance your videos with tips and bases. Also I really like the ending at always sit there waiting.

    Your gushing fanboy ~ TomBeanz

  4. Anyone in need of a clan? If so join here
    clan name: Elitism
    Shield: yellow and black
    Clan leader: riordo22

    Open to everyone, we are hoping to go into clan wars soon, plz join us

  5. Interested in a war clan? Join the Avalanche! We do wars twice a week and donate quickly! Clan Tag: #92VJRJ92 

  6. Hey Gan can you please get the location of his teslas and traps please that playsa huge role defensively.

  7. Hey Gan.please make a video of you attacking on clan war..thanks for the video're very informative.

  8. I think i have the best TH8 farming base… I copied it from Youtube but made some adjustments for the storages.. I used to get attacked by TH9s and 10s but it has gone down.. Now i get TH sniped and if they do have a full on attack they get around 100k of gold or elixer which is pretty good against TH9s with level 6 giants. If u wanna check my base out look up Castle Black and my IGN is Alish. (We have around 12k points


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