Clash of Clans | BEST Townhall 8 Farming Base – 2014


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Creator: Me

Original Plan: N/A

Picture of Base:

Song: Codeko – Crest [NCS Release]

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  1. Eclihpse can you upgrade the base design having four mortars then 3 since the last update..this a grt base man.. Thanx 😉

  2. i am using right now your hybrid 2014, but this looks amazing, i will try it when have at maximum level all my defences, sorry my english,  keep the good work

  3. I love the base design, but I was competely satisfied with the defense placements and I moved around some things so that I could protect my dark elixir better

  4. I use this base and it gets raped by lvl 6 giants with heal spells all the time. Most of my defenses are maxed except teslas and walls (all lvl 7 btw). 

  5. This is the first base that I've seen having perfectly symmetrical core defenses. (Air Defense, Mortars, and Wizard Towers) AWESOME. Now if only I could find that last gold storage… XD

  6. You know you guys can take this base and make adjustments such as trap placement and swapping out different buildings based on their priority…not exactly rocket science.

  7. hello chief!
    another layout that I'm gonna use from you!
    very good job!
    I recommend it too for people at max def townhall 8 and need to farm for this damn wall and dark troop upgrade! 🙂

    thank you very much


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