Clash of Clans: 4 Mortars – Town Hall 8 Farming Base – Pratfall TH8 2.0!


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Beakers Lab is a produced by me, ~ Beaker09 ~ leader of Unity Elite. I’ve beem clashing for 2+ years, and have immense knowledge of farming and high level play. My gold grab is 2 billion and I’m working on farming TH10 to max! Content here will range from high cup farming and pushing, to defense replays and much more. On my channel you will find some of the best Townhall 1, Townhall 2, Townhall 3, Townhall 4, Townhall 5, Townhall 6, Townhall 7, Townhall 8, Townhall 9, and Townhall 10 base designs. I upload everything from farming, to pushing and clan wars, and also hybrid base designs.

We will always discuss updates as they come, and I will show gameplay of new troops or additions to Clash.

Subscribe and watch all my videos for epic loot raids and the best strategies using various amounts of troops, such as Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Giants, Wallbreakers, Balloons, Wizards, Healers, Dragons, Pekkas, Minions, Hogs, Valkyries, Golems, Witches, and Lava Hounds! Also spell composition, we will discuss Lightning spells, Healing spells, Rage spells, Jump spells, and, Freeze spells. All of my troops and spells are MAX level.

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  1. I swapped the teslas for the Giants bombs and 4 normal bombs, not because I prefer it but because all my teslas are upgrading to level 6

  2. I used this base for over 3 months. Overall very happy with it. THe only time it failed me was townhall9 attackers with 16+ giants and heal spells and the archer queen of course makes a big difference.

  3. I LOVE this base! I made a few changes though. Could you do more town hall 8 farming bases please? Just like this one 😉
    Keep up the AMAZING work on this channel; you deserve more subs 🙁

  4. Been using this base since I've started being a th8 and I have been three starred twice, this is the best farming base for th8 for sure!

  5. I try to screenshot so that I can have a picture of the base but it says that this is a DMR protective image…. what does that mean exactly?

  6. Wish I would have shown you my farming base I made be for I decided to change it. It was really good for protecting loot.

  7. Using this base for like 1 month, got 3 starred twice. Once by 28 level 6 giants+4 healing spells, and 2nd time by some full balloon+minion maxed.

  8. Beakers lab do you have any videos for a town hall 8 base that protects gold and elixar storages with 4 mortars

  9. Oh and bro one more question do u have a hybrid base u would recommend for me I'm th8. Thanks if u do. U da best bro I also subscribed to u.


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