Clash of Clans (2) – The Best Townhall 8 Farming Army! – TH8 Vs TH9


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  1. You're using an emulator right? Isn't that against the terms of service?

    Either way I'm glad I stumbled upon your channel. You're very informative. You definitely seem to be knowledgeable and seem like you deserve more.

  2. I’ve never had an organised army, I was getting 1&2 stars on th8’s, first time using this army and I got a 79% 2 star on a th9, would definitely recommend this strategy.

  3. I don't have or play clash, but i'm actually getting into your videos of it, you my friend are a one-of-a-kind content creator. You could make watching paint dry an entertaining experience lol Keep it up bud


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