CG (Huni Vladimir) VS SKT (Faker Akali) Highlights – 2019 Worlds Group Stage D4


Clutch Gaming vs. SKT Highlights in 2019 World Championship Group Stage Day 4

Match preview provided by Bjorn

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  1. Where is the 1v5 faker escape? Arrrgghhh! You should put that. That's the reason why they have the Baron easily.

  2. Khan is like Huni Kryptonite at the very least.
    Destroyed him when Huni was at SKT and Khan in Longzhu, now we see a very similar story.

  3. Huni wanted to see his old team mates, he saw the God, the unkillable demon king at his best, he saw what the world once feared. He saw the greatest in the game staring into his eyes, as his team took them apart piece by piece, in typical SKT style – first break their confidence, then break the Nexus. The god looked back at him and just said, " Because I'm Faker".


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