Best Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy | Dark Elixir Farming TH 8 | Goblin Knife | Clash of Clans


Best Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy | Dark Elixir Farming TH 8 | Goblin Knife | Clash of Clans

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  1. Within the video at 4:25 there is a special announcement. This is a chance for you to show off your stuff and get your clan seen! I hope to see more information from you guys to make this happen!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Jo. I grinded and used the max level troop potion, and the 4x faster troop training and i grinded all night, i was able to secure 20k dark elixor in no time!

  3. Please use level appropriate troops in the CC. I.e. if you're doing a TH8 vid. . Then only get maxed TH8 troops in your CC. Otherwise it's not a TH8 vid… it's potentially a TH8 being carried by high lvl CC troops. Fyi: I think your vids are very good and I'm subbed, huge thanks for taking the time to put your vids together.

  4. yo JO im interested in joining ur clan im a maxed th 8 except walls i need guidance and troops pls JO im begging u

  5. I’m th 7 and use 5 loons 7drags some wiz and max cc troops with 3 rage spells and I always 3 star th 8 and also steal like 2000 dark

  6. Sadly, in every clan I've been people ask for max level troops amd I can't donate them because of me being TH8 and this clan is that type "if you don't donate then you won't get donated/kicked". So I can't have Hog Riders, is that bad?

  7. Hey Jo, just wanted to say I love your attack strategies and videos. These have worked for me 100% of the time. Thanks 🙂

  8. Stop using clan troops we dont all have a reliable clan m8. I'm in a clan with my irl buddy's and there not that active so I can barely get any clan troops.

  9. I use 2 golems 16 wizards 2 pekka 8 wallbreaker and for clean up troops 6 archers and 2 minions and for spells I use 2 heals and 1 rage and poison and sometimes 2 rage and one heal and a poison spell


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