BEST 3 Town Hall 8 farming strategies | Clash of Clans


BEST 3 Town Hall 8 farming strategies | Clash of Clans
DragBat Attack:

Today in Clash of Clans we are looking at three of the best farming attack strategies for Town Hall 8.

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  1. Lmaoo did anyone else notice at 9:36 how the air sweeper on the left helped the balloons by pushing them towards the wizard tower

  2. Currently a TH8, I've used the loonion farm strat for a while. You can get a lot of three stars with that strategy, and fill your resources really quickly. I've been using it with 2 heals and a rage though. I think I'm going to try it the way you showed it here. Awesome video man, very informative.

  3. If your looking for loot as a th 8 Come to gold 2 it's amazing and use GoVaHo if you know how to use it it's a guarantee 3 star it's lit

  4. I'm currently in TH8. I am a bit rushed but because I am farming I'm upgrading everything so that I'm no longer rushed.

  5. Im in the days of TH8 balloon farming 😩 struggling with 3 heals cause they literally go to the air defenses last 😭

  6. I just joined the town hall 8 and I’m still struggling to find a good attack strategy that’s why I watched this video

  7. I have a Town Hall 8 currently on my second account & My main is a Town Hall 9 Love this video a Month late but Binge watching Echo is never a bad thing.

  8. Th8 content, love it. Said it time and time before, love the wide spread of town hall content. Makes the channel varied and more suitable for different clashers. EchoFam appreciate it

  9. FYI…at th8 u only have 5 levels of BK so you tend to have lots of excess DE so that's why our guys are using DE to farm with Cuz they need gold and elixir


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