[AMV] Fate Stay Night 2015 UBW – Berserk vs Gilgamesh 【HD】


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Anime: Fate Stay Night 2015 EP 14 / 15
Music: Apocalyptica- I Don’t Care not Three Days Grace
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  1. I noticed, once they ended up inside, its as if Berzerker realised that this fight was unwinable, and simply went to protect Illya as much as he could, rather than fight back.

  2. If you want to see an AMV of mine too, I would be glad 🥰. (Ignore this if you’re not interested). https://youtu.be/AJLCzKQWaTI

  3. Как же я был рад, когда этого уебка Гильгамеша порешали

  4. This fight is so sad and so unfair. That punk is too over powered and Lilith did not deserve that death 🙁 so sad

  5. Nah berserker was not holding back, it was just that illya was stupid enough to stay on the battlefield causing him the need to protect her.

    Gilgamesh even states this that if Heracles stopped protecting illya and focused on fighting him, he had a chance of slaying him.

    This is true cause Heracles is well the strongest hero given how he even broke the chains that bind gods(this shouldn't be possible since his divinity is really high) as well as resurrecting an extra time after god had was depleted. He had the means to kill Gilgamesh if he focused on offence like we saw shiroe do. You just cant beat gil while on the defense unless if you have shit like Avalon.

    In fate strange fake novel, we see Heracles summoned in the archer class and here he is areal threat to Gilgamesh due to retaining his Op noble phantasms but still l dont think he can beat this gilgamesh since this incarnation is even stronger than the one he that was summoned in fate zero plus he likes his master.

  6. I really think if berserker abandoned the girl like Gilgamesh wanted he might of won he's a badass (this is assuming gil doesn't use his special sword)


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